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Moving On?

We'll reduce the hassle of selling your property and take a load off your mind.

We do what others don't.

And you'll like it.


If your home needs staging, we bring in professionals with an eye for style, at no additional cost to you. Every home should look its best when buyers come a-knockin'.

Due Diligence

We anticipate buyer questions and queries ahead of time to make sure we're out front of all issues. Our due diligence package is provided to buyers from the very start and includes:
· Double-checked seller disclosure.
· HOA documentation.
· Flood zone inquiry.
· Dozens of additional facts, figures, and disclosures.


Where possible we provide a home warranty to the buyer at no additional cost to you, reducing the likelihood that buyers will enter into a post-closing dispute with you.

Summary of the Selling Process

A Quick Overview

Home Visit and Touch-Up Consultation

We'll start with a visit to your property to evaluate its condition. Our market analysis will include pricing and recommendations and value-enhancing measures you can take prior to listing. We focus particularly on the highest bang-for-the-buck changes so you walk away with the highest price possible.

Listing Agreement

When you're ready to go, we will prepare a straightforward listing agreement for your review and signature. It lays out our responsibilities and gives us permission to move forward with marketing your property.

Staging and Photography

We'll work with you to make the property as sale-ready as possible. A professional photographer will present your property in the best light.

Open Houses and Showings

The key to selling a property quickly is to get folks through the door so they can really get a feel for the place for themselves...or tell their friends about it. We'll take care of the logistics and presentation to make this happen.


Here's where we shine. Our deep knowledge of contracts and psychology works in your favor. We understand how to ethically and appropriately push for the highest possible sale price for you on the most favorable terms.

Monitoring Progress Through to Closing

Strict attention to deadlines and responsibilities ensures we keep the buyer accountable for meeting the terms of the contract. We remove as much stress and hassle from the process as we can so you can focus on the next phase of your life.

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